Private wireless networks have traditionally been limited in distance to how far a remote transmitter can link either to a Master or repeater site.  The wireless network is designed so all remote locations have a communication path back to a central location for data collection, control, or monitoring.

Traditional Limitations

Traditionally, private wireless networks reached distant locations by increasing the output power of the radio or by changing to a lower frequency band that would allow better radio propagation. As radio frequency (RF) data rates have increased through the use of spread spectrum technology in operating frequencies above 900 MHz, the ability to increase output power or select a lower frequency band is not available.

These spread spectrum radios are very limited in output power (generally less than 1 Watt) and only operate in frequencies above 900 MHz. These operating frequencies above 900 MHz have increased bandwidth availability leading to the high throughput, but the limitations on the power output and their natural signal losses due to vegetation and terrain means that more infrastructure (i.e. repeaters or higher towers) was required to reach remote locations.

New Connections

ESTeem wireless networks have always been able to use any remote site as a repeater.  We have been above to overcome many of the distance limitations by using this Mesh repeating feature, but now that we have incorporated cellular technology in our product line, we can reach these outlying areas without having to link to a single wireless network.

For example, in many communication networks there are one or two remote locations that fall outside the coverage area of a single base radio.  Traditionally, these remote locations would then require adding one or more repeaters, but now these remote sites can be incorporated into the wireless network by simply installing a cellular radio such as the Edge Access+.  A cellular radio can also be used to bridge between smaller private wireless networks for maximum network flexibility.

Adding the Edge Access+ to our product offering has given our network design capability a giant leap forward.  We can now create hybrid networks of multiple frequency bands and wireless technologies to design the most creative private wireless networks to meet ANY distance or application.

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