These videos will guide you through initial configuration

Sort videos for specific tasks for setup and troubleshooting

How to install and use the configuration software

How to modernize wireless networking

Product and company presentations

General product and company information on ESTeem radios

Getting Started

Getting started using the Horizon series radios through the web interface and any web browser

Basic configuration guide for the Horizon 4.9 GHz radio

Getting started using the Horizon series radios using the ESTeem Network Suite (ENS) configuration software

How to configure an ESTeem Horizon radio to operate with a legacy Model 195E series radio

Technical Bulletins

Factory acceptance testing (FAT) is a critical part of completing a new control system. The wireless hardware needs be part of this testing to verify all timing, recovery and throughput

This video will show how the pole mounting kit (AA195PM) is installed on the ESTeem radio

ESTeem Model 195 Narrowband firmware release

This video will cover the deployment and operation of the Horizon series radio’s IndustrialMESH networking feature

How to use the Horizon radio’s peer monitoring utility for antenna alignment 

Horizon series radio security update 2018

ESTeem Software

2024 – ESTeem Software Suite Release Overview – This video will highlight the utilities installed with the ESTeem Software Suite

Installing and troubleshooting the ESTeem Discovery Suite utility used to start programming any of the ESTeem products

Part 1 – ESTeem Networking Suite (ENS) – Installation
The ENS utility is a visual programming tool for the Horizon radios

Part 2 – ESTeem Networking Suite (ENS) – Overview
The ENS utility is a visual programming tool for the Horizon radios

Part 3 – ESTeem Networking Suite (ENS) – Programming
The ENS utility is a visual programming tool for the Horizon radios

Part 4 – ESTeem Networking Suite (ENS) – Features
The ENS utility is a visual programming tool for the Horizon radios

Why Modernize your Wireless Network?

Modernize Your Wireless Network – Overview

Modernize for Reliability – Using Mesh Networking 

Modernize for Mobility 

Modernization Tech Talk

Modernize for Ethernet Networking

Modernize for Cybersecurity

Modernize for IIoT & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Modernize the Wireless Landscape

ESTeem Product Webinar and Netlabs  

Webinar – Horizon 900

Webinar – Wireless Security  

Webinar – Hybrid Networks  

Webinar – Optimizing Mesh Technology 

Webinar – Which Unlicensed Frequency is Best for YOUR Application? 

NetLab – Troubleshooting Tools

NetLab – Secure That Network

NetLab – ESTeem Twin Bridge Technology

NetLab – Conducting RF Site Survey

NetLab –
RF Design Considerations

ESTeem Product and Company Overview 

ESTeem’s Virtual Schoolhouse Suite brings unprecedented possibilities for education administrations to networks and deliver online solutions

Get connected with ESTeem Wireless Solutions

ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions Introduction

ESTeem Virtual Schoolhouse Suite using the Horizon radios for Mesh networking

ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions network overview

ESTeem Wireless Overview