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We have been designing and making wireless products exclusively for over 35 years.  We understand how difficult selecting the correct radios for your application can be so we are here to help.  Most wireless applications fall into general network designs that we have highlighted on this page.  Please review the application diagrams and descriptions to see if any are close to the your needs and we will help you select the best radio from there.  Wireless networking is not difficult but does benefit from experience.  If you do not see your exact network requirements there is no need to panic.  I’m sure we have something that will solve your needs.  Let us help you design your first (or 100th!) wireless network.

Mobile Networks

Mobile networks are where wireless really shines. Most people are comfortable with mobility in the cell phone area so wanting this type of access for all devices is understandable. ESTeem has built mobile networks as large as covering an entire state for public safety to a smaller mobile network for Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) on the production floor. ESTeem can create WiFi based networks for client access or private, high-speed networks operating at 900 MHz. You will be surprised by the type of network we can design with unbelievable features.


The term Mesh networking gets used a lot today, but the primary features are that the wireless network has multiple pathways to remote locations and will “self-heal” if any of the pathways are lost. Operating a wireless network in the real world means that some locations will lose power or get damaged by storms. The ESTeem Mesh network can overcome these operational obstacles automatically with no loss in network service. Traditionally only available in the 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz WiFi bands, ESTeem expands this type of network coverage to include 900 MHz or licensed 4.9 GHz. Let us show you how a Mesh network can increase your reliability at no additional costs.

Remote Connections

The true power of wireless is the ability to connect to remote systems anywhere in the world. These remote connections can be used to monitor a remote network or gain access to troubleshoot or make changes. ESTeem’s primary emphasis is on security. Our remote access solutions are not cloud based but secure, automated VPN connections. Let us explain how an ESTeem remote connection will provide you needed access with the highest levels of security.

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