Part 1 – This first training class provides an introduction to the overall training class series, company history and an introduction to basics of wireless communication.

1:05 Company History

3:53 Class Overview

8:08 History and General Terms of Radio

12:25 Wireless Applications & Uses

15:45 How Wireless Works

23:21 Line of Sight & Bandwidth

34:41 Antenna Basics

Part 2 of the online training class covers the basics of RF design and how to use the ESTeem RF design program.

0:38 – Where to start when designing a radio network

2:20 – RF Design Basics

7:12 – Additional Terms and Calculations

11:46 – Effected Radiated Power

14:42 – What is Fade Margin

16:53 – What data is needed and how to use it

25:33 – Different antennas and mounting options

31:20 – Demonstrating how to use the RF Design document

50:54 – Max vs Practical Range of Radios

54:08 – Wrapping Up

Part 3 of the online training class covers how to conduct a radio site surveys and site commissioning.

1:10 What are Site Surveys? Why do I need one?

4:46 How a Site Survey is completed.

6:57 Introduction to Site Layouts.

11:47 Setting up the Reference Site.

17:12 Setting up the Remote Sites.

23:41 How to test the sites after setup.

25:39 What data is needed from these tests?

30:26 What is Site Commissioning?

Part 4 of the online training class discusses the ESTeem product series of radios and how to select the best for your application.

0:55 How do I know which radio to use?

10:14 Introduction to our Horizon Series Radios.

26:23 What is MESH technology?

33:52 Introduction to our EDGE Series Radios.

36:05 Introduction to our 210 Series Radios.

38:57 Introduction to our 195 Narrowband Radios.

42:22 What is Narrowband and how is it different from Wideband?

47:53 Recap of our radio series and the differences between them.

Part 5 of the online training class discusses using wireless in Ethernet applications. This class will cover the configuration of the most commonly used mode of operation, AP Bridge Mode and how to configure a Mesh network.

1:16 Class Overview

3:21 What is an Ethernet Stack?

5:06 What is needed when getting started.

17:44 ESTeem Proprietary Bridge Link Description

23:59 Web Configuration Walk-through

30:55 A walk-through of the Setup process.

49:45 How to configure peer links.

1:00:03 How to configure a MESH network.

Part 6 of the online training class covers using the ESTeem Horizon radios in Router and mobile Station modes.

4:08 What is AP Router Mode

6:12 The basics of IP Addressing

10:12 Example diagram of AP Router Mode

13:27 A walk-through of setting up an AP Router

32:30 Mobile Applications and Examples

39:17 Setting up Client Modes

43:25 Client Mode Roam Settings

47:05 Client Mode Security Settings

Part 7 of the online training class looks at the Advanced configuration menu and advanced networking features of the radio.

1:04 Front Panel Layout and Program Port Operation

9:57 Advanced Wireless Settings

21:33 Different Advanced Menu Options

28:35 STP Options and Priority

34:29 Backup & Restore Functions

38:27 Radio Software Updates

Part 8 of the online training class covers the configuration and operation of the ESTeem radios in legacy serial applications.

2:21 Serial Over Broadband

7:32 Location of Serial Data Ports on our radios.

10:14 Serial Data Port Configuration

24:14 Hybrid (Serial/Ethernet) Networks

Part 9 of the online training class covers the application, configuration and troubleshooting of the ESTeem Model 195 series (195M, 195H & 195C) radios.

1:24 Licensed Radio Usage & Definitions

4:12 195 Narrowband Front Port Layout

8:14 4/20mA Sensor

09:08 Model 195M Features

14:25 Model 195H Features

16:45 Model 195C Features

18:00 Modes of Operation

22:36 Serial and Ethernet Configuration

26:36 Legacy 192 Compatibility

30:07 Basic Troubleshooting

33:29 Basic Programming of the 195 Narrowband Radios

48:02 How to use the built in analyzer

Part 10 of the online training series covers the configuration and operation of the ESTeem Model 210 series of licensed radios. The ESTeem Model 210M (150-174 MHz) and 210C (450-470 MHz) are the high-speed Ethernet solution for long range applications.

0:42 Licensed Radio Usage & Definitions

2:21 210 Front Port Layout

6:02 210 Features

12:02 Tips for purchasing a Narrowband License.

17:06 210 Bandwidth and QAM Modulation

25:38 210 Modes of Operation

37:05 210 Version 2.0

38:56 How to Configure the Model 210

Part 11 of the training series covers the software and utilities provided by ESTeem to simplify the configuration and troubleshooting of our radios. This section covers the installation and operation of the ESTeem Discovery Utility, 195 Narrowband utilities and the new visual programming platform for the Horizon series the ESTeem Network Suite (ENS).

1:15 ESTeem Discovery Utility

17:32 ESTeem Narrowband Utility

19:01 Modbus/TCP Monitoring

21:36 ESTeem VLAN Pass-through

22:59 ESTeem Network Suite Utility

Part 12 of the online training class reviews the installation of the ESTeem radios. This chapter also covers the basic troubleshooting steps, using the status menus and long term maintenance of the wireless network.

1:06 Pole Mount Installation and Breakdown

5:47 Radio Installation Tips

9:54 Basic Troubleshooting Steps

15:49 Status Menus on Web Configuration Utility

29:50 Repeater/Peer and Mobile Client Analysis

36:12 Wireless Maintenance Tips