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For over 40 years, Electronic Systems Technology, Inc. (EST) has specialized in the development and manufacturing of digital data (non-voice) radio transceivers for use in industrial wireless networking applications. With reliance on wireless communication in the modern world, the global modernization of industrial control systems now requires the benefits gained by use of wireless technology. EST designs, manufactures, develops and produces these specialized, hardened products uniquely designed to operate and survive in these difficult environments in which these systems must perform.

The Company’s ESTeem® line of products provide innovative communication solutions for harsh environment applications not served or that are underutilized by conventional, commercial grade communication systems. Our products are part of the ESTeem® Secure Wireless Networking solutions for commercial, industrial, and government arenas both domestically and internationally. We market through direct sales, sales representatives, resellers and system integrators.


EST was incorporated in the State of Washington in February 1984 and was granted a United States Patent for the “Wireless Computer Modem” in May 1987, and Canadian patent in October 1988. We registered and commenced building brand recognition on the trade name of “ESTeem® Wireless Modems” in 2007. After reviewing for marketability and profitability, our strategy is to provide product improvements and enhancements that incorporate technological developments in response to customer needs and market opportunities arising from changes in FCC regulations or technological developments.

In an effort to maintain and expand our customer base in the industrial control marketplace, we team with major automation hardware vendors such as Rockwell Automation. Our long-term relationship with Rockwell Automation’s partnering program delivers significant benefits via increased exposure to markets that would not otherwise be available to us. Rockwell Automation has the largest market share in the United States and is a major entity in the world-wide automation and controls marketplace.


ESTeem® industrial wireless products provide communication links between computer networks, network enabled devices and mobile devices without cables. The widespread use of networked computer systems in business, industry and public service and the adoption of mobile devices in all aspects of modern life has created an environment where the wireless network is no longer a convenience but a necessity. As wireless networking proliferates through the modernization of the industrial sector the need for our products, which are specifically designed for rigors of operation in harsh environments, is increasing dramatically. Wireless networks are the backbone connections to the Internet for cloud-based services such as the Internet of Things (“IoT”) and Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”).

All of the ESTeem® models come with industry standard Ethernet (Internet) communication ports and legacy serial ports to provide the broadest range of connections for both new and legacy hardware. The combined features such as AES 128 or AES 256 security encryption, self-healing repeaters, mesh networking, long range operation and outdoor weatherproof cases make the ESTeem® products unique in our market space.

We manufacture ten (10) models of the ESTeem® industrial wireless modems that operate in frequency from 150 MHz to 5.8 GHz. A wireless modem is a hardware device for sending and receiving data over a radio carrier and is the foundation of our industrial wireless solution. Each model will fit best in a specific application based upon several factors such as distance, required data rate and Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) licensing requirements. Each wireless network is discussed in detail with the end customer to determine the best overall solution for their application. No single model or frequency band can solve all applications and having a diverse product selection is critical for expanding our customer base.

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