Wireless applications are an integral part of automation and control networks.  Wireless networking provides remote access, mobility and long range coverage, but incorrect design or implementation can make the difference in a successful integration or unhappy customer.  We realize that selecting the correct wireless network for your customers can be overwhelming and few have time to keep up with all current standards in a rapidly growing industry.  ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions wants to simplify this process and reduce your risk by becoming your “one-stop shopping” location for all wireless applications.

ESTeem has established an alliance program to give your company direct access to the factory for pricing and to leverage our wireless expertise to sustain profitable business growth.  ESTeem has exclusively designed and manufactured wireless networks for over 30 years.  When joining our Alliance team, we will provide the training, tools and assistance necessary to make your wireless applications a success.  We have put together a team of wireless network design specialists and field engineers to help our partners through all aspects of a wireless project.

By leveraging the partnership program you will reduce your business risk and have access to new markets and business opportunities you may have been hesitant to pursue alone.  Don’t walk away from wireless business, let ESTeem make your wireless decisions profitable.

Alliance Partnership Overview

Joining the Alliance Program

Program Application – Complete and return the Alliance program application.  This application will include all company information, point of contact and the region covered.

Credit Application – The Alliance program is a factory direct purchase program and requires credit worthiness to join and maintain the partnership.