ESTeem Edge Access+

IIoT integration, Remote Access, Smart Manufacturing and the connected workforce are fundamentally transforming today’s industrial automation networks. Improving productivity and efficiency depends on secure access to real time information. It’s not just about overcoming connectivity obstacles…..Reliable and secure Edge-to-Edge connectivity is the key to unlocking the power of a completely connected network.

ESTeem’s Edge Access+ brings unprecedented industrial networking possibilities for users to enhance network connectivity, manage their operations and to build new IIoT solutions. The  ESTeem Edge Access+ is an ideal solution for demanding industrial environments, creating encrypted VPN connections with integrated WiFi and built-in LTE to deliver reliable and secure Edge-to-Edge connectivity. Anywhere. Anytime.


Connect operational devices and users for Industry 4.0 initiatives without recreating the existing business processes or IT systems. Match the cost, complexity and security profile for today’s scale.


Increase productivity, uptime, efficiency and profitability with less travel and maximize customer satisfaction with the industry’s most powerful remote access technology.


Enable data-driven decision making and Industry 4.0 initiatives, including predictive maintenance, machine learning and AI by using the secure and reliable TOSIBOX® data collection infrastructure.


Manage and grant access rights to operational systems from a single view, effortlessly with no IT skills.