ESTeem manufactures a complete line of high speed industrial radios, and this page will help you find the software resources and documentation to get started using your ESTeem radio network.

Horizon Series

(Horizon 900, Horizon 2.4, Horizon 4.9 and Horizon 5.8)

Horizon Series Programming Software – Horizon industrial radios are programmed for operation through the internal web interface using any web browser or with a visual programming software tool. ESTeem has developed the Discovery Suite and ESTeem Networking Suite software utilities to configure the radios for operation, backup programming and troubleshoot as required.

Download Horizon Programming Software

Getting Started Using the Horizon Radios with a Web Browser


Getting Started Using the ESTeem Network Suite Software

Edge 900

Edge 900 Programming Software – The Edge 900 is programmed with a software utility found within the Discovery Suite software utility.  This software utility will be used to configure and troubleshoot the Edge 900 radio.

Edge 900 Programming Software

Model 195 Narrowband Series

(Model 195M, Model 195H and Model 195C)

Model 195 Narrowband Programming Software – The radios in the Model 195 Narrowband series are programmed with a software utility found within the Discovery Suite software utility. This software utility can be used to configure and troubleshoot the Model 195M, 195H and 195C radios.

195 Narrowband Programming Software

AirScope – Spectrum Analyzer

AirScope Analyzer Software – The ESTeem AirScope Field Analyzer uses your PC and AirScope Analysis software to provide a real time spectrum analysis. The Discovery Suite software utility will be used to configure the IP address in the AirScope to match the computer’s IP network.

Discovery Suite Software

AirScope Software -FTP Download

Installation Guides

The following technical documentation is for the installation and start-up of the ESTeem wireless hardware.

Site Planning Check List – Overview of step for reliable wireless network

Radio Site Survey – Steps ESTeem takes for conducting on-site radio survey

AA195PM Pole Mount Assembly – Outdoor mounting kit for Horizon and Edge Series Radios

Outdoor Installation Grounding Procedure – Guide for grounding outdoor installed ESTeem radios

FCC Licensing Assistance – Help with FCC licensing (when required on project)

Coax Weatherproofing – Coax weatherproofing procedure for outdoor coax connections