The ESTeem Edge 900 MHz radio is a ruggedized, industrial wireless device built to be an essential component of the burgeoning industrial communications infrastructure.

The ESTeem Edge 900 megahertz radio delivers the reliable, isolated and secure wireless networks required today to provide complete connectivity to critical IT, operations control systems and remote asset data. No bells and whistles….just solid performance you can count on at a budget friendly price. Private and Secure.

Simple networking

A simple network design will connect two or more devices from a single central location. 

Network layout

This type of radio is not used for complicated network design, but is great small networks that operate on a “hub and spoke” configuration.

secure private communications

Highly secure AES encryption within a private radio solution

900 mhz

Unlicensed operation in the 900 MHz band to provide a proven reliable wireless network

The Edge 900 is What I Need!

Edge 900

900 MHz Networking Simplified

  • Unlicensed 900 MHz Frequency
  • 1 Mbps RF Data Rate
  • Simple, Low Cost Networking
  • Ethernet and RS-232 Serial Interfaces
  • Scalable and Cost Effective
  • Edge-to-Edge – AES256 Security

I want 900 MHz but need more speed!