We’re pleased to announce that the ESTeem Networking Suite (ENS) software for our Horizon series of industrial radios now incorporates a real-time monitoring utility.

This new function will display the key operating features of the wireless network:

Received signal strength values from both sides of the wireless link
RF data rates
Wireless connection status (connected/disconnected)
Mesh network status, which details which links in the wireless network are being used

These critical networking details have been available in the Horizon series through Modbus/TCP tags in each radio, but this data is now displayed in the same configuration file used when programming the radios. 

No changes to the network configuration are necessary to get a real-time reading with the updated software; operators simply need to enable monitoring of the network, and the data will be displayed on the network.

We originally released the ENS software with our Horizon radios to greatly simplify the programming of the wireless network.  This software provides a simple click-and-drag visual programming that eliminates most of the programming error experienced during the configuration.

The ENS software provides a visual configuration platform where creating a wireless link between radios is as simple as drawing a line.  If the radios are used in a mesh configuration, these too can simply be managed by entering the priority on each wireless link.  The software makes network-wide changes (such as adjusting the frequency or network name) simple.  This can also apply to network-wide firmware updates. 

Adding new sites to the network is accomplished by entering a new radio’s information and drawing the link to the new site.  All other sites in the network will adjust their configuration to this new location.  Another great feature is that all the programming for each radio in the network is saved to a single configuration file.

The real-time monitoring feature is provided to the ENS software at no additional cost and can be downloaded free from our web site.  Verify the firmware is current in the Horizon radios, and you are ready to run. Questions? Contact us today for the assistance you need with your industrial wireless network