Radio waves are great – they can efficiently transport huge amounts of information critical to your operation. And they’re always there, available 24/7, 365 days a year. But there’s one downside: they’re invisible.

This invisibility can make it difficult to decide on the right frequency when setting up a new network. You can’t just open a catalog, see the frequency you want and select it. The invisibility of radio waves also makes it difficult to troubleshoot when interference becomes an issue. You literally can’t see where the problem is with the naked eye.

Radios have the built-in capability to show how much signal they receive, as well as the quality of the signal. But most of them can’t analyze any potential problems and tell you why you’re getting a specific signal strength and quality.

There is, however, one tool that can “see” radio waves and make the invisible visible: a spectrum analyzer.  This very high-tech device provides a visual representation of radio waves along an x-y axis, with the vertical axis indicating how much signal is present and the horizontal axis indicating frequency bands.

While they provide critical information quickly and efficiently, spectrum analyzers can be complicated to use and present another downside – a basic model costs more than $10,000, with more complex models coming in at $20,000+. This cost is a significant hurdle for most network operators who need the capabilities of a spectrum analyzer but don’t have the budget.

ESTeem’s own AirScope Field Analyzer provides the perfect compromise. It offers all the functionality of a spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the cost, coming in under $3,000. The key is that the AirScope uses ESTeem’s AirScope Analysis software, harnessing your computer to do the data processing instead of including the processor built-in like more expensive spectrum analyzers.

The highly portable AirScope operates in real time, displaying results on an x-y axis. If you’re troubleshooting interference, you simply turn off a radio and plug the AirScope into the antenna. It will show if someone else is on the frequency, if the interference is on a sideband or if there’s an issue with nearby electromagnetic devices causing too much background noise, among other applications.

The AirScope can also be run in site survey mode, monitoring all the frequencies to allow the network operator to select the best frequency. Its features include simplified inputs, enabling site surveys at one push of a button, as well as auto reference and scaling for simplified operation.

If you’re ready to take control of your radio frequencies, you’re ready for the AirScope Field Analyzer. Contact ESTeem today to learn more.