ESTeem offers a wide range of radios to meet our clients’ communications network needs. Some of our radios have high data throughputs; others have high penetration through difficult terrain. Each radio is designed to meet a specific need and network requirement, but there’s one thing they all have in common: All our radios have an Ethernet interface and can be linked together to form a larger network.

Because they all run on Ethernet, we’re able to combine different radios in different applications that create complex communications networks that operate in any terrain at any distance. These networks take advantage of the benefits offered by each of our radios.

For instance, a large water district might use Horizon or Edge 900 radios to collect data from pumping stations across difficult terrain and then connect to a high-speed Horizon 2.4 GHz radio to “back-haul” the data back to the central office. These different radio types can be linked through the common Ethernet interface to create a single network providing the data the water district needs when the district needs it.

Our different radio frequency bands are not only able to link with each other but they’re also compatible with the Edge Access+, our cellular solution that features encrypted VPN connections, integrated WiFi and built-in LTE. The Edge Access+ enables secure communications around your town or across the globe.  By using a combination of both local radio and cellular communication together, there is no limit to the type of wireless network that can be created.

As an example, imagine a manufacturer with factories around the world. All of those factories are populated by automatic guide vehicles (AGVs) – mobile robots that roam the factory or warehouse floor, carrying out myriad activities. Horizon 900 radios could be used to collect data from the AGVs, which then connect to an Edge Access+ to relay the data to the main operations office, half a world away.

The compatibility of our radios with each other and with the Edge Access+ means we can design a hybrid communications network to meet your needs, no matter the distance or terrain.

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