It seems like every week there’s a report of a new cyber security attack. Data security is a hot topic these days, with many companies scrambling to shore up their protection.

But wireless network security isn’t a new concept at ESTeem. We’ve worked very hard for a very long time to ensure that our customers’ wireless networks are as secure as possible. Our team has thought through every possible scenario, and we’ve even interviewed customers to find out what’s important to them.

The result is a wireless network with layers of security baked into every device, down to each data transaction. The wireless network security options for our Horizon Series of radios include:

Access Control List

This list literally controls who has access to your network, using a filter to allow or restrict devices with specific MAC addresses (or addresses within a specific range) on the network. What’s a MAC address? It’s a unique, 6 hexadecimal field address assigned to each Ethernet device at the manufacturer. It’s traceable, can’t be changed and serves as a permanent fingerprint for the device.

Used in combination with encryption, the ACL filter creates an extremely secure wireless networking layer.

Disabling Broadcast Probes and Hiding SSID

Hackers can’t attack what they can’t find. That’s the basic principle behind disabling broadcast probes and hiding the Service Set Identification (SSID). These two actions prevent bad actors from discovering your network.

Protected Management Frames

This next-generation feature protects stations against forged management frames spoofed from other devices, which can disrupt a valid user session. Protected Management Frames (PMF) are negotiated between the client and the access point.

Proprietary Bridge Communication

The ESTeem Horizon Series is compatible with international open communication standards, but the peer communication between the units is a proprietary communication link. No other manufacturer’s wireless hardware can access the ESTeem peer network when bridging between Ethernet networks. This is an effective security layer on its own, but the proprietary link can further restrict access to your wireless network when used with other security measures.

Advanced Options

The layers of security built into an ESTeem wireless network incorporate several other steps that can help ensure your network is as secure as possible. These include:

  • Setting a new administration password for each radio
  • Disabling remote access
  • Disabling port access

Proper Precautions

Our Horizon radios provide multiple layers of security, but there are other actions you can take on your own to further increase security, such as:

  • Banning key reuse
  • Regularly surveying the network for unauthorized access points behind your firewall
  • Implementing an additional level of authentication

The most important step is simply to implement the available security measures. Research shows that hackers gain access where security is lax. Don’t provide that opportunity.

Our customers trust ESTeem to deliver the wireless network security their applications demand. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your requirements.