ESTeem Edge Access+

ESTeem Edge Access+Complete Edge to Edge Connectivity Solutions

IIoT integration, Remote Access, Smart Manufacturing and the connected workforce are fundamentally transforming today’s industrial automation networks. Improving productivity and efficiency depends on secure access to real time information. It’s not just about overcoming connectivity obstacles…..Reliable and secure Edge-to-Edge connectivity is the key to unlocking the power of a completely connected network.

ESTeem’s Edge Access+ brings unprecedented possibilities for users to enhance network connectivity, manage their operations and to build new IIoT solutions. The ESTeem Edge Access+ is an ideal solution for demanding industrial environments, creating encrypted VPN connections with integrated WiFi and built-in LTE to deliver reliable and secure Edge-to-Edge connectivity. Anywhere. Anytime.diagram showing edge to edge connectivity

ESTeem Edge Access+ Product Sheet

Simple, Automated VPN Connections with end-to-end encryption. Connect to your remote assets or create an entire secure network in just minutes.

Integrated WiFi enables even greater connectivity. No need for an additional AP.

Carrier neutral LTE modem with three modem variants covering the entire globe – use your preferred carrier

Dual-SIM slots for operator redundancy allows for even more reliable connectivity

Rugged design: robust and fan less enclosure, integrated DIN rail bracket and industrial screw-on DC power connector