Companies are looking to new technologies to optimize their processes and deliver higher performance and efficiency.  These new technologies will provide critical feedback to the operation so that optimalizations in this digital transformation can occur.  The challenge is connecting all these devices so that meaningful analytics are available for those making decisions.

Today’s wireless networks are an essential component in achieving a completely connected network platform and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) infrastructure.  Wireless networking has changed from simply allowing devices remotely located, mobile or inaccessible a means of communication to the primary network for this company modernization. 

Choosing the correct frequency and utilizing new wireless technologies is critical to deploying a secure, reliable and integrated network infrastructure to meet your current and future objectives.  “How is this done and where do I start?” These are the questions ESTeem is here to answer when looking at modernizing your wireless network.

Better Performance, Greater Flexibility and More Reliable Communications

ESTeem has put together an easy-to-follow wireless modernization guide on the process, considerations, and best practices to update your wireless network to accomplish the goals for your company modernization.  ESTeem has been manufacturing wireless hardware and designing complex wireless networks for over 35 years and we are bringing this experience to help you.

You can find our modernization guide at

Discover How to Modernize

Throughout 2022, ESTeem will be conducting in-depth seminars on all aspects of the modernization process.  You can view the schedule for these seminars on our event calendar. ESTeem will start off by hosting Modernize Your Wireless Network Overview on March 16, from 8 am-8:30 am PDT. Register today.