Mining, with its harsh conditions and long distances, can provide serious communications challenges, which industrial wireless networks are well-suited to overcome.

Offering a full range of operating frequencies, ESTeem’s industrial wireless radios are a particularly good fit, and we’ve seen great success in a number of difficult mining applications.

Our radios are frequently used in open pit mining applications, where the ever-changing terrain necessitates moving radio locations. Changing locations is difficult with “hard-lined” communications like fiber, whereas our radios can be moved to new positions with relative ease. Our wireless networks provide communication to mining hardware such as drilling rigs or stacker/reclaimers.

Underground coal mines in mountainous West Virginia are another application where our industrial radios provide the right solution. The radios are used to communicate with the mines’ exhaust and fresh air fans. Without the fans, it’s impossible for people to work in the mines.

ESTeem wireless radios are also used on large mining trucks that are found in all types of mines. These vehicles are so large and expensive that they each carry their own control networks for maintenance.

Conveyor systems, belt trippers and real-time load tracking are other mining applications where our industrial radios have been used. In fact, our wireless solutions are as varied as the mining challenges they overcome. Select a link below to read additional ESTeem success stories:

Penoles Mining Operations
Southern Peru Mining Company
Santa Luisa Copper Mining

Many factors contribute to our success. We offer multiple industrial radios for just about every type of application. For mining, we have both high-speed wireless networks and high-powered licensed radios that can operate over miles of mountainous terrain.

Also, every remote radio in our wireless networks can be used as a repeater. This allows for communication across very long distances in difficult conditions, without adding tall towers or specific repeater sites.

The ESTeem Horizon series supports Mesh networking, which provides redundancy and self-healing for all wireless links.

For applications such as the open-pit mining where the base, repeater and remote locations are constantly being moved, the ESTeem radio network can operate on either battery or solar systems to provide the needed flexibility.

And our industrial-hardened cases and NEMA4 rating ensure our industrial wireless radios operate under the harshest conditions.

If you’ve got a tough application, ESTeem can provide the wireless network you need to succeed.

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