The pandemic has created difficulties for everyone, none so much as school systems, which are tasked with creating non-traditional learning environments to serve students spread over wide areas with varying levels of Internet access.

In answer to this challenge, we’re excited to announce that, in collaboration with TOSIBOX®, we’ve leveraged our Edge Access+ technology to develop the Virtual Schoolhouse Suite to create the distance learning solutions that school systems need.

One of the most difficult challenges facing school systems is the need for reliable Internet access in underserved areas. The Edge Access+ addresses this by using LTE connections to provide WiFi Internet access nearly anywhere. Installed on a school bus, or even on a light pole, the units allow schools to deploy mobile or fixed Remote Learning Centers so students and faculty can access cloud-based and/or server-based homework assignments, lessons and educational content.

Pairing the Virtual Schoolhouse with ESTeem’s Horizon 2.4 MESH WiFi network can expand coverage even farther, across an entire parking lot, park or stadium, providing the necessary room for multiple students to gain access while maintaining current social distancing requirements.

The Virtual Schoolhouse allows school systems to design a range of other solutions to meet their specific needs. For example, The Edge Access + can be deployed as an LTE/WiFi AP that enables the use of existing VPN connections. This would provide students and faculty with a WiFi access point that securely connects them to school system servers via the Internet.

Another option allows school administrators to develop and manage their own critical infrastructure networks. School systems can quickly create secure, encrypted, automated VPN connections directly from school servers to faculty and students.

VPN connections are also possible with the cloud, if school systems store classroom materials in that fashion.

Easily managed TOSIBOX® client software is supported in Windows PC’s, Mac/Apple devices and Google Chromebooks over any type of Internet connection. The Edge Access+ operates with integrated WiFi and built-in LTE with Dual-SIM slots for operator redundancy to deliver reliable and secure connectivity.

We’re pleased to be able to incorporate this great technology into a distance learning solution for school systems in need of cost-effective, easy-to-implement answers.

Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual Schoolhouse Suite.