The Digital Transformation, IoT, Smart Manufacturing and the Connected Workforce are fundamentally transforming today’s automation networks. Increasing productivity and efficiency depends on access to real-time information. But for any of this “Big Data” to be useful and actionable information, it must be captured and processed. Reliably, securely and consistently. Anywhere. Anytime.

Simply stated: An Internet of Things demands a Connection of Things!

ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions has been reliably connecting remote devices for over 35 years, so we are excited to unveil the Edge Access+ to expand beyond local, private wireless networks to connecting any device or network in the world.  Powered by TOSIBOX®, the Edge Access+ is an ideal solution for today’s demanding network ecosystems, bringing unprecedented possibilities for users to manage their operations and to build new IoT solutions down to the device level.

Connect Virtually Anything, Anywhere

With the addition of the Edge Access+, ESTeem can now connect virtually anything, anywhere based upon your application demands. The Edge Access+ is not a cloud-based connectivity solution, but instead creates secure encrypted VPN connections with built-in cellular LTE modem and integrated WiFi to deliver reliable and secure Edge-to-Edge connectivity anywhere in the world. To further safeguard access to your data, the Edge Access+ features Dual-Sim capabilities for LTE carrier redundancy to ensure your network is always at your fingertips.

Because it’s your network, we believe it’s also your data. So, regardless of carrier or Internet connection, the Edge Access+ enables direct access to your network rather than pull data from the cloud. We’re not anti-cloud, we’re just anti-relying on someone else’s cloud to access your data, paying for user subscriptions and all the related issues with security and cloud throttling throughputs.

ESTeem pioneered private wireless networks, employing multiple technologies to deliver localized connections to all your devices. Today, the edges of a “local” network can stretch from city-to-city, state-to-state, coast-to-coast and even continent-to-continent! It’s all about the Connection.

With Edge Access+, you can now, regardless of geography, do anything on your network as if you were directly connected– view security camera footage, control PLCs, check water tank levels, monitor network health. Even grant temporary access to the network for a vendor to provide remote trouble shooting or maintenance. Cybersecurity is simplified with the Edge Access+, thanks to over-the-air security and software updates and no requirements for static or public IP addresses.

Extend Network Capabilities

Edge Access+ also extends your industrial Ethernet network capabilities to include a greater range of infrastructure possibilities. Say, for instance, a water system had 14 wells to monitor, with 11 in easy reach of a wireless radio. The other three can be connected using Edge Access+ to create one, cohesive network. This water system example also illustrates the unlimited scalability offered by Edge Access+. If that water system merged with a neighboring water authority, Edge Access+ would easily connect the two networks into one unified network.

Think about the power of modern hybrid networking. By integrating an Edge Access+ into a conventional ESTeem wireless network, you now achieve a true secure edge-to-edge ecosystem solution that offers:Continuous monitoring & data acquisitionLayer 2 (bridged) & Layer 3 (routed) connections for remote maintenance and warranty workTotal network infrastructure managementEnd-to-end security including built-in audit trailsUnlimited network scalability

Achieving an Internet of Things demands a Connection of Things. Anywhere. Anytime.

So…what’s your Connection? Contact us today to learn the difference an Edge Access+ can make in your operation.