Network monitoring can be inconvenient, to say the least. It normally requires different programs or software to access the important information needed to assess the network’s overall health.

There are times when you need to know signal strength, data rate and other critical indications of your network’s performance without jumping through a lot of hoops.

Our Horizon series of industrial wireless radios solves that problem by collecting and providing all crucial network data in Modbus TCP, one of the most commonly used industrial protocols.

Now, by incorporating this monitoring data into the control application, network operators can quickly and easily see how the entire network is performing and check on the status and health of each individual radio, without having to open another application.

Quick and Easy

Modbus TCP provides a quicker way to monitor and troubleshoot your industrial wireless network. It’s useful not only for troubleshooting specific problems – like when a downed antenna disrupts communications – but also for monitoring the health of specific radios. As performance declines, it’s easy to know when to step in and address the situation rather than waiting unawares for a possibly catastrophic failure.

Our next generation ESTeem Network Suite will expand on the possibilities presented by Modbus TCP. It will allow the setup of your network on a single screen, and without having to open a new application, you’ll be able to designate the master radio, repeaters and remotes quickly and simply.

Complete Integration

Incorporating Modbus TCP makes Horizon radios unique among other industrial wireless radios. Most of our competitors still require the use of a separate application to access information about network performance. Modbus TCP allows you to integrate your network monitoring within your existing application.

This is just another example of how we understand our customers’ needs and work to develop innovative ways to make your life easier.

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