We’ve emphasized over the last few months that successful industrial wireless network design isn’t simply a matter of buying some […]
A question often posted is, with the availability of wireless network hardware at every commercial retail outlet, what makes the […]
The term frequency used in wireless applications describes the primary radio carrier where the data is modulated.  In trying to […]
Antenna design and development are their own science. We could do a deep dive into antennas and their role in […]
If you’re looking for an industrial wireless network, you’ve probably already identified the mobility, distance or accessibility challenges your operation […]
All sorts of companies use industrial wireless networks in all sorts of situations. But, regardless of the industry or application, […]
We’ve released a security update for our Horizon Series industrial wireless radio in response to a potential WIFI security vulnerability […]
We’ve just released a firmware update, optimized for TCP/IP Ethernet applications, for our Model 195C, 195M and 195H industrial radios. […]
At ESTeem we take a different approach to wireless network design. We believe every wireless application is unique:  The distance […]