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Today’s industrial wireless networks have quickly evolved into an essential component of your overall industrial infrastructure. An ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solution delivers the robust and reliable wireless network you demand to provide complete and secure connectivity to critical IT, operation control systems, and remote asset data.

ESTeem has 30+ years of industrial wireless network design and integration experience with the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio. Each model has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet environmental and data demands in specific industrial markets. ESTeem’s “Industrial Mesh” networking enables a scalable architecture with built-in redundancy for complete system reliability and stability.

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Industrial Wireless Solutions

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These industries rely in ESTeem’s durable products, which excel in rugged outdoor conditions, and for mission-critical communications.

Delivering reliable and secure solutions for applications like yours since 1984.

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ESTeem Spotlight

ESTeem Model 195E Series at the End of Life – Transitioning to Horizon Series

The ESTeem Model 195E series (195Eg, 195Ed, 195Ep, 195Ea and 195Es) of wireless Ethernet products are at the end of life due to advancements in wireless technology and availability of key parts used in production.  BUT there is no reason for panic as ESTeem has released the next generation of wireless hardware in the Horizon series which is fully compatible and will replace the 195E radio with an equivalent Horizon product.

ESTeem Model 195E Series End of Life & Upgrade Path Technical Bulletin

New Leasing Options

A new service ESTeem is offering for 2017 is an option to lease your wireless hardware.    If you or your customers need a new, reliable wireless network but need to conserve working capital, leasing the ESTeem wireless network may be the best option.  Please contact ESTeem sales for full details and pricing.

New ESTeem Repair Options

ESTeem is committed to supporting our customers and their critical infrastructure.  Beginning January 2017, ESTeem will offer a one-day product replacement for all of our current wireless products.  This service will allow you receive a replacement radio as early as the next day to get your system back in operation.  For customer using our legacy Model 192 series radio modems, we will continue our standard repair service through the end of 2017.  For full details and pricing on this service, please refer to the ESTeem Repair Policy.

Introduction to Industrial Wireless Technology

Success Stories



ECOPETROL S.A is the state oil producer in Colombia, one of the top four producers of petroleum in Latin America.  Their nationwide operation includes multiple oil  and gas fields, refineries, shipping ports on both coasts and a network of pipelines throughout the country that interconnect the production system with the consumption centers and marine terminals.  ECOPETROL has also been a pioneer in the adoption of wireless technology in oil and gas operations.  From the beginning, ECOPETROL has recognized that wireless networking provides the most cost efficient and effective means of monitoring their expansive operations.  By using wireless communication to interface well sites, operation centers and distribution centers across long distances, ECOPETROL saves hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars over the life of the system because they are not faced with the high cost of cable installations and maintenance.

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Pomegranate Prouduction

Pomegranate Production

One of the world’s largest suppliers of fresh pomegranates and producer of pomegranate juice is located in northern California.  In this northern California production facility an update to their automated bin delivery system has greatly increased production, through fewer down times, of a very time sensitive product.

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First Horizon 2.4 GHz Installation

ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions is proud to highlight the first installation of the new Horizon 2.4 GHz high-speed wireless product.  The Horizon 2.4 is a NEMA-4, outdoor rated industrial wireless modem compatible with 802.11N protocols to provide secure, high-speed wireless access to mobile devices.

The first customer application for this new radio was a large scale wine manufacturer in the Columbia Basin of Washington state who needed greater wireless coverage around large outdoor storage tanks.

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Why Choose Esteem for Your Solution?

  • Industrial applications demand an engineered solution to deliver the envisioned communications for you.
  • ESTeem’s sole business is wireless communications and they have specifically designed and manufactured a complete line of wireless devices for the FCC licensed and license-free frequencies. This is not a “me-too” product merely complementing an existing product line.
  • ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions brings 30+ years of Wireless Network design and integration experience for your solution.
  • ESTeem provides the industry’s most comprehensive product line choice.
  • ESTeem delivers completely integrated, turn-key wireless solutions for the industrial markets.

Delivering reliable and secure solutions for applications like yours since 1984.

ESTeem, the industrial radio network solution experts. 509.735.9092

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