Industrial Wireless Networks & the Rockwell Encompass Program

encompass_americasESTeem Wireless Modems specializes in the manufacturing and development of the ESTeem product line of narrow band licensed, spread spectrum licensed and unlicensed Ethernet/Serial radios for the Industrial, Public Safety and Federal long range indoor and outdoor markets.  ESTeem has been a long-time partner with Rockwell Automation providing a complete line of wireless solutions for their control and automation networks since 1988.

The new ESTeem Horizon series of wireless Ethernet products covering both unlicensed frequencies of 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz and licensed 4.9 GHz frequencies provide a high-speed wireless solution for your Ethernet control network. Our wireless Ethernet radio modem allows users to bridge Ethernet segments or provide access to remote Ethernet clients for computer or PLC networking.  Our industrial router supports all standard Ethernet based protocols, including full support for TCP/IP networks and ESTeem’s IndustrialMESH technology for self-healing, reliable networking. The high-speed data throughput, with RF data rates to 300 Mbps provides increased computer networking performance over most Ethernet radio modems, as well as and quick access to remote PLC data, programming, and diagnostics in industrial control applications.

The ESTeem 210 series of licensed, narrow band wireless modems for the 150-470 MHz frequency band provides a seamless IndustrialMESH radio network for direct interfacing to Rockwell Automation products for indoor and outdoor applications to 70 miles line-of-site. The ESTeem 195M, 195H and 195C industrial wireless radio provides a networking solution for both legacy serial DF1 networks and Ethernet/IP interface for data collection. Longer ranges are capable using the internal Digi-Repeat feature to route information through multiple ESTeems, transparent to the Rockwell Automation hardware.  The ESTeem functions as a Master, Remote or Repeater to reduce system spares. ESTeem products support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and polled with report by exception communication schemes. ESTeem serial radios have an integral infrared port and remote programming features for support and diagnostics.

  • High-Speed wireless Ethernet networking for control and Remote I/O applications
  • Self-healing IndustrialMESH technology
  • High output power for long range outdoor and indoor applications
  • Integral Allen-Bradley protocol driver for seamless interfacing
  • Digi-repeating capability
  • Single unit functions as a master, remote or a repeater by simple programming
  • Integral site setup and diagnostics programs

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