Industrial Wireless Applications in Public Safety


Public Safety forces rely on ESTeem industrial wireless radios

• Mobile Data Communication Systems
• Police/Sheriff Departments
• Fire Departments
• EMT Departments
• Mobile Mapping


Seeking solutions to the challenge of transmitting digital data where wires are not practical?
Does your industrial application demand reliable, real-time access to vital data?

An outdoor wireless access point isn’t just a matter of convenience when it comes to public safety – the fast, reliable transmission of data can literally be a matter of life or death.

Because of the serious risks involved, police, fire, EMT, and mobile data communication systems rely on ESTeem wireless Ethernet and serial networks for their critical needs. The high-power radios provide long-range coverage that is not available in commercial networks. While ESTeem developed its original wireless router for industrial applications, those very same radios have proven capable of managing the difficulties of public safety networks.

Our serial and Ethernet radios also were established as the best choice for the difficult wireless applications found in the public safety sector because of their:

  • Affordability
  • Secure packet burst encrypted transmissions
  • High data rate
  • Data accuracy rate greater than one part in 100 million

Each outdoor wireless access point in an ESTeem network is designed to efficiently and reliably achieve your public safety goals. Contact us today to learn how ESTeem’s customized Ethernet and serial radios can maximize your technology investments.

Benefits of ESTeem Industrial Wireless Radios

Superior Reliability
With each long-range access point proven dependable in challenging public safety applications, our wireless radios have been field-hardened over 30 years of use.

Backward Compatibility
ESTeem radio modems are designed with backwards compatibility when technically feasible.

100% Factory Tested
For easy and trouble-free installation in field.

Ease of Maintenance
Our industrial wireless modems are equipped with LEDs to provide critical ‘first-line’ diagnostics in the field.

Factory and Field Training by Experts
Protect and maximize your investment.

ESTeem’s “Industrial Mesh” networking enables a scalable network design with built-in redundancy, delivering the complete system reliability and stability that public safety applications demand.

Turnkey Solutions Offered by ESTeem
Based on our original, proven industrial wireless router design, ESTeem’s solutions for the public safety sector offer superior performance and durability, coupled with extended operating range. You know your network will be successful thanks to our wireless communication system design and on-site training services.

Success Stories

Pasco, WA Police Mobile Data, Employing ESTeem Radio Modems

Pasco, WA Police Mobile Data

Police Chief Denis Austin got off the plane in Pasco Washington in June of 1995. He was starting a new job in a community he knew little about and as he drove through the streets, he noticed a lot of gang related graffiti. It didn’t take long to formulate a new vision for the department, which was “To be a Community Policing Department”. His officers needed to be more visible in the community; but they were so busy running to crime scenes, the only visibility they had was negative.  Chief Austin also knew they needed to be technologically superior to the criminals if they were going to win the crime battle. Two neighboring cities had implemented Mobile Data Computer (MDC) Systems but they were spending approximately $11,000 per car. He couldn’t justify that much money in a city of only 22,000 people.  Chief Austin started researching the MDC Systems that were available and found a company called Electronic Systems Technology (EST) that was located just a few miles from his office.

NCSO Radio Room employing Ethernet/serial radios

Blaine County MDCS

Sun Valley Ski Resort in Idaho is famous for its rugged peaks and year round snow. It’s the perfect place to ski, but made implementing a reliable wireless communication system a challenge. Captain Ed Fuller of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department had the responsibility to find a Mobile Data Computer (MDC) system that would work well in the mountainous terrain and enhance the area of coverage for their search and rescue missions.  The Base Station for the MDC System is located in the town of Hailey, ID, which is at 4800’ elevation. The surrounding Sawtooth Mountain peaks range from  8,000’ to 9,000’ elevation.

Lake Havasu Mobile Data, relying on ESTeem's industrial wireless expertise

Lake Havasu Mobile Data

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Police Department received a grant from the United States Department of Justice and the Arizona Governor’s Office to provide domestic violence information to the officers working in the field.  Having immediate access to local and state information is critical to these officers as they deal with domestic violence situations.  After an exhaustive search, Lake Havasu City Police Department chose Electronic Systems Technology’s ESTeem Mobile Data Computer System (MDCS) to provide the radio frequency (RF) link from the Department’s AS400 computer server to the officers in the field.

ESTeem Products Used in Public Safety



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