Industrial Wireless Applications in Oil and Gas


Oil & Gas applications for Ethernet/serial radios

• Onshore Operations
• Offshore Oil Rigs
• Refineries
• Tank Farms



Seeking solutions to the challenge of transmitting digital data where wires are not practical?
Does your industrial application demand reliable, real-time access to vital data?

You can trust ESTeem’s robust, reliable wireless Ethernet and serial network solutions to solve your wireless networking challenges. We engineer our radio modems and industrial router networks for your unique application needs.

ESTeem products benefit the oil and gas industries by providing long-range industrial radios that allow access to remote locations, while the Mesh networking of the Horizon series industrial router provides redundancy and unlimited repeater sites. With an industrial hardened case and NEMA4 rating, our wireless Ethernet products are able to survive under the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry.

ESTeem’s industrial wireless Ethernet and serial radio modems are well-suited to oil and gas applications because of their:

  • Flexibility to relocate well control and monitoring equipment when current locations stop producing;
  • Reduced operating overhead;
  • Real-time connectivity with field-mounted controllers;
  • Improved operator productivity by eliminating travel to remote wells;
  • And ability to easily expand SCADA radio networking with few programming changes.

To achieve your goals of efficiency and results, explore the customized options that ESTeem’s Industrial Wireless Solutions and turnkey services provide. Let us help you maximize your technology investments. Contact us today to begin a conversation about your requirements.

Benefits of ESTeem Industrial Wireless Products

Superior Reliability
Hardened in over 30 years of use, our full range of industrial router models is proven to be dependable in challenging industrial applications and field conditions.

Backward Compatibility
Whenever technically feasible, we design our products with backwards compatibility.

100% Factory Tested
For easy and trouble-free installation in field.

Ease of Maintenance
ESTeem industrial wireless radio modems have LEDs for critical ‘first-line’ diagnostics in the field.

Factory and Field Training by Experts
Protect and maximize your investment.

ESTeem’s “Industrial Mesh” networking creates a scalable network design with built-in redundancy for complete system reliability and stability, enabling a Completely Connected Enterprise.

Turnkey Solutions Offered by ESTeem
Our industrial wireless Ethernet and serial solutions offer an extended operating range as well as superior performance and durability. To ensure success, we provide wireless communication system design and on-site training services.

Success Stories

Ecopetrol Colombia - industrial wireless radios

Ecopetrol Colombia

ECOPETROL S.A is the state oil producer in Colombia, one of the top four producers of petroleum in Latin America.  Their nationwide operation includes multiple oil  and gas fields, refineries, shipping ports on both coasts and a network of pipelines throughout the country that interconnect the production system with the consumption centers and marine terminals.  ECOPETROL has also been a pioneer in the adoption of wireless technology in oil and gas operations.  From the beginning, ECOPETROL has recognized that wireless networking provides the most cost efficient and effective means of monitoring their expansive operations.  By using wireless communication to interface well sites, operation centers and distribution centers across long distances, ECOPETROL saves hundreds of man hours and millions of dollars over the life of the system because they are not faced with the high cost of cable installations and maintenance.

Offshore Oil Platforms rely on ESTeem Ethernet/serial radio modems

Offshore Oil Platforms

Oil exploration and production is a costly and complex business.  The constant need for petroleum products requires oil producers to maximize output from all areas of their pumping and transportation facilities.  Competition from foreign oil companies further increases demands for increased efficiency from domestic producers.  This demand for increased productivity has required oil producers to automate production platforms to ensure continual pumping and transportation processes are carried out safely and economically.  By implementing a wireless network, multiple automated platforms can be controlled from a central location.  This results in a reduction of personnel needed to monitor the individual platforms and allows small, unmanned single pile platforms to be operated and controlled from a manned platform.

Petrochemical plant using ESTeem's industrial radios

Petrochemical Loading

The time to replace an entire control system is a difficult decision to make.  When the control system provides an emergency stop for petrochemical loading on ships, the reliability of the network can not be compromised.  The safety of the whole operation is governed by the reliability of the hardware.  After struggling with a poorly supported control network, a Houston based petrochemical company decided to remove the proprietary controllers currently installed and use proven, off-the-shelf hardware of Allen-Bradley™ programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and ESTeem™ Wireless Modems.