Industrial Wireless Applications in Mining


open pit mining operation that relies on industrial wireless radios

• Open Pit Mining
• Ventilation Systems
• Conveyor Systems
• Mobile Vehicle Access
• Belt Trippers
• Real-time Load Tracking

Seeking solutions to the challenge of transmitting digital data where wires are not practical?
Does your industrial application demand reliable, real-time access to vital data?

ESTeem has developed multiple industrial wireless networks for a wide range of mining applications, including access to mobile mining vehicles, ventilation systems, and conveyer systems. The long-range industrial wireless radios allow access to remote locations, while the Mesh networking of our Horizon series modems provides redundancy and unlimited repeater sites. The industrial hardened case and NEMA4 rating of our industrial wireless Ethernet radios mean they can survive the harshest of mining conditions.

Whether you need a long range wireless bridge, a SCADA radio network or unlimited repeater sites, ESTeem can design a system to achieve your goals of efficiency and results, deploying industrial wireless hardware capable of meeting today’s demands with the flexibility and means to fulfill future needs. With the type of critical information that mining operations are monitoring, this kind of dependable and reliable system is vital.

Let ESTeem solve your wireless networking challenges by providing robust and reliable wireless Ethernet and serial network solutions engineered for your unique application needs. The customized options that ESTeem’s Industrial Wireless Solutions and turnkey services provide maximizes your technology investments. Contact us now to learn more.

Benefits of ESTeem Wireless Radios

Superior Reliability
Proven to be dependable in challenging industrial applications and field conditions by being hardened in over 30 years of use.

Backward Compatibility
Our industrial wireless Ethernet products are designed with backwards compatibility when technically feasible.

100% Factory Tested
For easy and trouble-free implementation in field.

Ease of Maintenance
ESTeem industrial wireless modems have LEDs for critical ‘first-line’ diagnostics in the field.

Factory and Field Training by Experts
Safeguard and optimize your investment.

ESTeem’s “Industrial Mesh” networking enables a scalable network design with built-in redundancy for complete system reliability and stability, enabling a Completely Connected Enterprise.

Turnkey Solutions Offered by ESTeem
ESTeem’s industrial wireless radios offer superior performance and durability, coupled with extended operating range. To ensure success, we provide wireless communication system design and on-site training services.

Success Stories

Penoles Mining Operations, which utilize ESTeem industrial radios

Penoles Mining Operations

Surrounded by urban development, Met-Mex Peñoles, S.A. DE CV is using cutting edge technology to protect area citizens as well as the environment.  The large mining company, located in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, recently implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring and control system to regulate plant emissions based on current conditions.

wireless Ethernet radios help monitor activities at Southern Peru Mining Company

Southern Peru Mining Company

Operating one of the largest copper mines in South America, Southern Peru Mining Company is using cutting-edge technology to improve the operations of multiple belt trippers to consolidate critical processes to a central control location. The Southern Peru Mining Company recently implemented a state-of-the-art wireless network system at the Arequipa, Peru site to enable control room operators to adjust and limit the belt trippers and beds as well as make immediate corrections to the field deployed equipment from the central command post.

industrial wireless Ethenert application at Santa Luisa Copper Mining operation

Santa Luisa Copper Mining

Located in the challenging terrain outside Lima, Peru, the Santa Luisa copper mining project is using cutting edge technology to network individual remote departments with the corporate office. Due to the difficult geography of the region, interconnecting the individual sites to a common network presented a costly and time-consuming problem. Rather than use a traditional hardwired network, the mining company recently implemented a state-of-the-art wireless Ethernet network system to interconnect the remote sites.

ESTeem Products Used in the Mining Industry



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