Industrial Wireless Applications in Material Handling


Material handling operations rely on industrial radios from ESTeem

• Stacker/Reclaimers
• Ship Loading
• Conveyer Systems
• Overhead Cranes


Seeking solutions to the challenge of transmitting digital data where wires are not practical?
Does your industrial application demand reliable, real-time access to vital data?

Let ESTeem solve your wireless networking challenges by providing robust and reliable wireless Ethernet and serial network solutions engineered for your unique application needs.

Choose ESTeem to solve your wireless networking challenges. We provide robust and reliable wireless Ethernet and serial network solutions engineered for your unique application needs.

ESTeem wireless radios benefit the Material Handling Industries by providing high-speed industrial Ethernet networks that allow real-time operation of overhead cranes or remote video applications on conveyor systems. By replacing any Ethernet or serial control cable with an industrial wireless router, many possible uses for the material handling industry become available. And the innovative use of radio modem technology offers flexibility when designing tomorrow’s control systems.

The customized options provided by our Industrial Wireless Solutions enable you to achieve your goals of efficiency and results. Our turnkey services help you maximize your technology investments.

Contact us today to learn how ESTeem’s wireless radios and other industrial WiFi hardware can solve your toughest communications problems.

Benefits of ESTeem Industrial Wireless Ethernet/Serial Radios

Superior Reliability
Proven to be dependable in challenging industrial applications and field conditions by being hardened in over 30 years of use.

Backward Compatibility
Our wireless radios are designed with backwards compatibility when technically feasible.

100% Factory Tested
Our quality control assures an easy, trouble-free installation in field.

Ease of Maintenance
ESTeem industrial wireless radio modems have LEDs for critical ‘first-line’ diagnostics in the field.

Factory and Field Training by Experts
Educate your staff to protect and maximize your industrial WiFi investment.

By implementing our “Industrial Mesh” networking, you can create a scalable network design with built-in redundancy for complete system reliability and stability, achieving a Completely Connected Enterprise.

Turnkey Solutions Offered by ESTeem
ESTeem’s industrial solutions offer superior performance and durability, coupled with extended operating range. We provide wireless communication system design and on-site training services to ensure your success.

Success Stories

USS Posco Steel employs industrial wireless solutions engineered by ESTeem

USS Posco Steel

USS-POSCO, the world’s most technologically advanced steel finishing plant, continues to increase production efficiency by recently updating their wireless control system.  A model for material handling and production efficiency, USS Posco provides 4,400 tons of finished steel products daily to 250 trucks and 12 railcars through an elaborate system of conveyors, automatic Coil Transport Vehicles (CTV), and overhead cranes.  The entire transport operation is monitored and controlled by Allen-Bradley PLCs linked through a wireless network.  A recent update of their radio network with state-of-the-art ESTeem Model 192 series wireless modems has allowed the Traffic Control computer to increase update times from the 10 CTVs and 2 overhead cranes nine fold.  This paper will overview the operation of the USS Posco system, describe how a PLC based wireless network was implemented and why Rockwell Automation and Electronic Systems Technology’s hardware fit within their modernization goals.

Bauxite mining operation that uses industrial radios

ALCOA Aluminum Production

Nothing has impacted the mobility in the 20th century like the discovery of how to effectively process aluminum.  Until just over 100 years ago, the production of aluminum was so cumbersome it sold for about the same price as silver, greatly restricting its use.  With advanced refining and smelting processes dropping the price of aluminum, this strong yet lightweight metal is now widely available for use in automotive and aerospace industries.

As the aluminum industry continues to grow, so does the competition.  The world’s first aluminum company, Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), is still the leading producer of aluminum, but the competition has intensified in recent decades.  ALCOA has responded by perfecting processes, lowering costs, and increasing the technological base in all their plants. Efficiency in a large aluminum plant can only be accomplished by the efficient workings of the smaller systems within.  ALCOA’s Point Comfort, Texas Refining Plant has implemented several wireless control systems throughout the plant to provide a means to this efficiency.  Wireless modems have provided solutions for programmable logic controller (PLC) networks in areas otherwise inaccessible or too cost prohibitive to integrate.

Ethernet/serial radio application in a coke making facility

Coke Oven Control

This paper describes the implementation of a wireless communications network at a coke making facility.  The purpose of this network is to collect Charge, Leveling and Push cycle data from the machines used on a coke battery.  The data is electronically transferred to a VAX computer system to be compiled and trended.  To comply with EPA regulations.  At the facility, several coking ovens are constructed side by side into what is called a battery.  Each oven is approximately 2 feet wide by 22 feet high by 46 feet deep with three charging holes on top to allow coal to be dumped into the oven.  Doors are located on the front and back of the oven.  The front door has a smaller door near the top to allow access for the Leveler Bar (located on the Pusher).

ESTeem Products Used in the Material Handling Industry



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