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Seeking solutions to the challenge of transmitting digital data where wires are not practical?
Does your industrial application demand reliable, real-time access to vital data?

Let ESTeem solve your wireless networking challenges by providing robust and reliable wireless Ethernet and serial network solutions engineered for your unique application needs.

The U.S. federal government and all four branches of its military employ ESTeem wireless networks. The high-power, high-speed wireless Ethernet networks are used for robotic controls and remote video applications.  ESTeem developed their radios for harsh industrial applications, supplying field-proven wireless networks for military and federal applications. The variety of uses is visible in the wide array of military applications: U.S. Air Force for Flight Line Maintenance – CAMS; U.S Marine Corps for Logistics; U.S. Navy for Airfield Lighting and Ship to Shore; U.S. Army for Logistics – AIT Contract, Asset Positioning, Ammunition Management, and Robotic Controls.

To achieve your goals of efficiency and results, explore the customized options that ESTeem’s Industrial Wireless Solutions and turnkey services provide to maximize your technology investments.

Benefits of ESTeem Products

Superior Reliability
Proven to be dependable in challenging industrial applications and field conditions by being hardened in over 30 years of use.

Backward Compatibility
Products are designed with backwards compatibility when technically feasible.

100% Factory Tested
For easy and trouble-free installation in field.

Ease of Maintenance
ESTeem industrial wireless modems have LEDs for critical ‘first-line’ diagnostics in the field.

Factory and Field Training by Experts
Protect and maximize your investment.

ESTeem’s “Industrial Mesh” networking enables a scalable network design with built-in redundancy for complete system reliability and stability, enabling a Completely Connected Enterprise.

Turnkey Solutions Offered by ESTeem
ESTeem’s industrial solutions offer superior performance and durability, coupled with extended operating range. To ensure success, we provide wireless communication system design and on-site training services.

ESTeem Products Used in Federal & Military


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