vineyard-1612092_1920June 24, 2016 – Kennewick, WA – ESTeem Industrial Wireless Solutions is proud to highlight the first installation of the new Horizon 2.4 GHz high-speed wireless product.  The Horizon 2.4 is a NEMA-4, outdoor rated industrial wireless modem compatible with 802.11N protocols to provide secure, high-speed wireless access to mobile devices.

The first customer application for this new radio was a large scale wine manufacturer in the Columbia Basin of Washington state who needed greater wireless coverage around large outdoor storage tanks.  Washington state is the second largest wine production region in the United States with over 900 wineries.

pole-mountAccess to real-time production, bottling and inventory information is critical to the modern wine producer.  Wireless technology provides mobility and constant connection with tablets and smartphones throughout the facility.  A problem was identified with weak signals both outdoors and around the large, outdoor wine storage containers.  Commercial and Enterprise WiFi devices are not designed for long distance, outdoor wireless networks or for survival in industrial conditions.  The ESTeem wireless network was designed specifically for use in these harsh conditions.  The high output power levels and IndustrialMESH technology provide redundancy and wireless coverage unsurpassed with any other wireless network.

The customer tested and installed the ESTeem Horizon 2.4 GHz wireless network mounted outdoors on the top of the storage containers.  This installation dramatically increased their mobile device’s range and provided secure access to the critical production information required to produce some of the world’s best wines.