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List of Clients

A partial lists of clients that have used ESTeem solutions in the past.

  • AgriNorthwest Farms
  • ALCOA Aluminum
  • Bacardi Distillery
  • Blaine County, IA
  • Brocal Mining
  • Cabo Rojo
  • Cascade Steel Mills
  • Chevron Canada
  • Dillingham, AK
  • EBSA Colombia Power
  • EBSA Colombia Power
  • ECOPETROL SA, Colombia
  • Fairfax Drainage District
  • Ford Engine Plant
  • Fort Riley KS Water
  • GM Canada
  • Grays Harbor Power Utility District
  • Klickitat County Power Utility District
  • Kodiak Alaska Coast Guard
  • Lake Havasu, AZ
  • Lost Cabin, WY Gas
  • Mayaguez Water
  • Missoula, MT Water
  • Nabisco Bakery
  • Paducah, KY Water
  • Pasco, WA Police
  • Penoles Mining Operations
  • Santa Luisa Mining
  • Sitka Alaska Water
  • Southern Peru Mining
  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline Consortium
  • USS Posco Steel Industries



The search for a radio vendor that would work with our controller network resulted in locating Electronic Systems Technology, the manufacturer of ESTeem Radio Frequency (RF) modems. The ESTeem RF modems tested in the system with a common turnaround times of 120 to 180 milliseconds including the data. Quicker turnaround times increased point monitoring capacity and provided increased communication reliability. The ESTeem RF modems proved to be more user friendly and easier to program than the initial radios tested. As the site was commissioned, the customer support staff at EST was very helpful on analyzing our problems and offering solutions to all the problems that were encountered.
Water Distribution for Fort Riley KS
The Sociedad Minera network received an award from the minister of labor in Peru for their improvements in the environment (Figure 3). The wireless system has operated flawlessly for over two years and since been expanded by two more sites. The wireless Ethernet SCADA network of Rockwell and ESTeem Wireless Modems is an excellent example of how automation can provide automation and reliability to a difficult water network.
Brocal Mining Wins Ecological Award for Water Recovery Network
AgriNorthwest needed products from companies that could provide immediate technical support.  They determined EST could provide this level of expertise after reviewing the Site Survey Report and the competence level displayed in the ESTeem training class.
AgriNorthwest Farms
The Energy Management System developed for the Ford Motors plant in Chihuahua, Mexico is an excellent example of how automation of smaller facility control systems can have a large energy and cost savings.  At the time of this publication, the system has been operating for over a year without a single problem in the wireless network.  The wireless Ethernet based control system of Rockwell controllers and ESTeem wireless modems provided a network control solution at a fraction of the cost of fiber-optics in this difficult application.
Ford Engine Plant's Energy Management System

On the Importance of a Site survey…Industrial wireless network review

Sitka Alaska Water Distribution SCADA

A site survey was conducted prior to the ESTeem modem installation to determine the feasibility of the RF network.   Conducting a RF site survey is important in all radio applications, as it determines if other RF emitters and noise sources are present which could cause interference to the communications system.  The site survey also serves to determine the proper type and location of antennas along with recommended operating frequencies, repeater routing, appropriate cables and installation instructions.

Kodiak Alaska Coast Guard Station’s Water Control Network

In all radio modem applications it is important to conduct a radio site survey.  The radio site survey will determine if other RF emitters and noise sources are present which could cause interference to the system.  Electronic Systems Technology (EST) performed a site survey at this site and ran the ESTeem modems in a real world test to determine how the system modems would perform at this particular site.  The survey also served to determine the proper type and location of the antennas.  EST also recommended operating frequencies for the modems, repeater routing, appropriate cables, and installation instructions.