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You know you need to transmit data, or control industrial systems remotely, but do you want to avoid the many and confusing wireless choices and their complexities?

Getting a reliable wireless network system is actually a three-phase process, unlike setting up an ISP’s cable router or a WiFi access point in a home or business. Each of these three phases is critical to the long-term operation of the system, because no single step provides all the information needed to complete the system design. These three phases are:

  1. The initial phase is conducted on a computer with a site map and Radio Frequency (RF) Design software.
  2. The second phase is a physical on-site inspection and site testing.
  3. Third phase is the site commissioning after the equipment has been installed.

Wireless networks are becoming an integral part of your industrial automation and control networks. They provide remote access, mobility, and long-range coverage. But incorrect design or implementation can make the difference in successful system integration verses application failure.

There are many decisions in picking the correct industrial wireless solutions for a given application. If not correctly chosen the end result is a partial or complete failure resulting in headaches for you. Some of these decisions are:

  • What are the right hardware choices for my particular needs?
  • What are the right hardware choices for my particular needs?
  • What Frequency and licensing are required?
  • What kind of Antennas are needed and what is their best placement?
  • What Power is required for range, reliability, and throughput?
  • What data throughput or bandwidth is required?
  • What are the best installation options?
  • Is spread spectrum or frequency hopping necessary or advantageous in my situation?
  • What signal-to-noise ratio is acceptable for my terrain and application to produce reliable, trouble-free communication?
  • What is best for my situation: point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network topologies?
  • Do I need encryption?
  • Did I overlook something?

Correctly answering all of these questions will dictate what the right hardware choices are for a particular installation. It will also dictate installation details. That is why wireless systems are referred to as a “solution,” not just a piece of hardware.

To assure you of a reliable, secure, and successful wireless implementation, let us help you consider these options and identify practical ways to build in the flexibility that wireless offers you.

ESTeem simplifies the process of design and implementation for you by providing an avenue to reduce the risk of failure by becoming the “one-stop shop” for all your wireless applications. The solutions we design for your applications can collect mission-critical data and move that information reliably, quickly, and securely – often from remote sites and under the most demanding of conditions.

Industries just like yours have trusted ESTeem network solutions for over three decades for mission-critical communications. Trust ESTeem to deliver a reliable solution for your unique application. Over 40,000 industrial-hardened wireless Ethernet and Serial Devices (when in the past serial was the preferred industry standard) have been successfully deployed.

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