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In response to a growing need for computers and their peripherals to communicate without connecting cables or telephone modems, Electronic Systems Technology (EST) manufactures and markets wireless modems.

Development of EST’s wireless modems was stimulated by the growing capacity of data processing. Early computer systems relied on batch processing to process data that had been collected over a period of time. As computer systems grew in capacity and capability, their demands for data grew. Modern computers process data so efficiently that, in some cases, their performance is constrained by the quantity and timeliness of the data available. Also, the day-to- day operations of many businesses mandate a fast and reliable flow of information, which is not always available using conventional data transfer technologies. With EST’s wireless modem, this need was taken care of.

EST was founded in 1982, as an electronic engineering consulting firm that specialized in instrumentation/control and new product development. In 1983, the company started the development of its own products with the ESTeem wireless modem. In November 1984, EST became a public-held company with the completion of its initial stock offering, which raised $900,000 with the sale of three million shares of common stock. The final design of the ESTeem wireless modem was completed in late 1984 and field tested in the first quarter of 1985. Volume production was started in May with Federal Communications Commission Type Acceptance awarded in June. Today EST manufactures seven wireless modem products that operate in the VHF and UHF spectrums. In September 2007, EST established a “Doing Business As” or DBA as ESTeem Wireless Modems to allow additional flexibility in how the company’s products are marketed while still maintaining the company’s established corporate identity.


Civilian applications for EST’s products range from industrial controls (SCADA), remote site monitoring, warehousing, and phone by-pass applications all around the world. Federal applications in command and control, inventory control and PC networking with major applications in the U.S. Marine Corp, Air Force/Air National Guard, Army, and Navy.


ESTeem holds the United States and Canadian patents on the wireless modem. In 1988, the company was awarded the prestigious Research and Development 100 Award for the wireless modem. EST also received the Washington State Governor’s New Product Award in 1990. The ESTeem wireless modem has been acclaimed in major magazines and newspapers from the Wall Street Journal to Byte Magazine.


EST primarily markets its products and provides technical support directly to customers for the United States civilian and federal markets and through distributors in foreign markets.


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Electronic Systems Technology’s wireless communications products open new vistas for computer applications. Remote sensing devices not yet designed will be made possible by EST’s technology. Applications previously impractical due to physical or economic considerations will become viable.

EST’s future lies not in replacing telephone modems or cables systems, but in applications where cable systems are impractical and telephones are unavailable or not cost effective. Currently, most computer applications are designed around cable systems. As engineers become aware of the availability of the wireless alternative, applications as yet unimagined will be developed. There will be competition, but EST is the market leader and is protected by patents. EST is continuing to develop the technology to keep pace with customer needs and applications.

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