Edge 900 MHz, 1 Mbps, Low Cost Industrial Wireless Ethernet

Edge 900 industrial wireless Ethernet radio modem

The ESTeem Edge 900 is a ruggedized, industrial wireless device built to be an essential component of the burgeoning industrial communications infrastructure. The ESTeem Edge 900 Ethernet radio delivers the reliable, isolated and secure wireless networks required today to provide complete connectivity to critical IT, operations control systems and remote asset data. No bells and whistles….just solid performance you can count on at a budget friendly price.


  • 900 MHz Spread Spectrum
  • 5 to 10+ Mile Nominal Range
  • Simple Configuration and Network Layout
  • AES Security
  • Industrial Hardened Case
  • Direct Outdoor Pole Mountable
  • Extended Temperature  Specifications
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Legacy Serial RS-232 Communications Port

industrial wireless network, with radios at 5 remote sites all linking to a radio at a master site

Edge 900 Reduces Installation Costs

Outdoor case design. The new NEMA 4 case design and weatherproofing kit allows the unit to be indoor or outdoor pole mounted in harsh environments. This feature eliminates the enclosure costs needed with other radios
Eliminates costly RF feed lines. If you use direct pole mounting for your Edge 900 MHz radio modem, you can avoid feedline costs and high signal losses.
Lower installation costs. With its simple pole mounting system, the Edge 900 saves installation time and expense.

Contact us today to learn how ESTeem can meet your most difficult industrial wireless challengesUS flagAll ESTeem products are designed and manufactured with pride in the United States of America.

Edge 900 direct mount antenna Edge 900 external mount antenna

Supporting Information

Latest Edge Series Software Version

Current Version: 201704190759 Release Date: April 19, 2017

For instructions on how to update the modem, please contact ESTeem Customer Support at 509-735-9092 or follow the procedure in the User’s Manual.  The firmware version is contained in the Edge 900 Configuration Utility which can be found an the following location.  No additional downloads are required.