Horizon Series Utilities

The Horizon and Edge Series Discovery Suite is a Java™ based application toolbox, compatible with any computer operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).

Horizon Series Discovery Suite

discoverysuiteThe utilities are available for download from our site. Each ESTeem Utility Program is in a compressed ZIP file. When asked to Open the File or Save to Disk, select Save to Disk. Place the file in its own directory on your hard drive, open the Zip file and run the executable program.

The Discovery Suite will display all Horizon series wireless modems connected to the computer’s Ethernet connection regardless of their current IP address. This utility will allow modification of the modem’s IP address to the network of the computer for further configuration through a Web browser.

The application requires two (2) additional support files to operate:

Java – Downloadable from http://www.java.com. The version required will be based upon your operating system.
Note: The installation and updates from Java may try and install additional web browser toolbars.  Uncheck the optional installation if they are not desired.

WinPcap – Downloadable from http://www.winpcap.org/.  The version required will be based upon your operating system.

NOTE: The Java Runtime and WinPcap must be installed prior to operation of this utility.