ESTeem Technical Library

The following information is the complete technical library of the ESTeem wireless product line. If you are unable to find the information you are seeking, please contact customer support at 509-735-9092.


Test Reports

The following engineering reports detail application testing completed with the ESTeem wireless modems.

Slide Shows

The following slideshows provide useful information concerning industrial wireless modems and networks.

Edge-to-Edge Connectivity, Anywhere, Anytime

Data Rate, Throughput & Your Ethernet Radios

Water & Wastewater Applications for Industrial Wireless Radios

3 Reasons to Implement an Industrial Wireless Network

3 Questions You Need to Answer to Get the Right Industrial Wireless Network

Industrial Wireless Network Antennas Simplified

Radio Frequencies & Your Industrial Wireless Network

Commercial vs. Industrial Wireless Hardware: The ESTeem Advantage

Four Steps for a Successful Industrial Wireless Network

Tools for Industrial Wireless Success

Industrial Wireless Networks & Ethernet Over Low Bandwidth

Four Considerations in Designing a Mobile Industrial Wireless Network

Which Unlicensed Frequency is Best for Your Industrial Wireless Network?

ESTeem Dual Wi-Bridge: Industrial Wireless Networks X2

Industrial Wireless Networks & Video Transmission

Site Planning Check List

Case Study: Buoy Monitoring in Western Australia