ESTeem Model 192 Series End of Life

The ESTeem 192C, 192CHP, 192M and 192MHP Series Products have been in production since 1996 (+16 years) and are now at the end of their life cycle due to availability of key parts used in production. We have completed all final builds of the 192 Series products.  Please contact ESTeem for the current status of refurbished units.  We will have a reserve supply of parts for repair of the 192 Series for about an addition two years after the end of production.  Please review the following information for details.

To showcase the reliability of the Model 192 series we discovered during the factory narrow band upgrading in 2012 a majority of the radios had almost 120,000 hours (+13.7 years) of operation on their internal clocks.  The internal clock feature was not implemented in the internal software until 1998 with version 1.39.  It should also be noted that maximum count for the internal registers is 120,000 before it resets itself.

The new technology products that will replace our current 192 Series is our new 210 Series products that incorporates the new Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology that provides up to 64.8K bps RF data rate in the 12.5 KHz narrow band channel spacing. Due to the increased RF data rate the 210 Series will have both Ethernet and Serial interfaces and MESH network repeating with self-healing.  Due to the use of the new modulation technology the 210 Series is not downward compatible with the 192 Series products. 

We are working on the following options for our customers when the final supply of 192 series radios have been exhausted:

  1. $250 one for one Trade-In Credit for any 192 Series product towards the purchase of any ESTeem Model 210 or 195E Series product. 
  2. We will provide for sale refurbished, in “as new” condition, 192 Series products that are available from the Trade-In program based on inventory. 
  3. Currently under development we have the 195C & 195M narrow band licensed products that will be downward compatible with the 192C/192CHP and 192M/192MHP.  The 195C and 195M products will be in the 195E Series case format which can be pole or cabinet mounted. The estimated release of these products is fall 2013. 

The following additional technical bulletins are available for review: