ESTeem Model 195H: 217-220 MHz, Serial/Ethernet


  • 10+ Mile Nominal Range
  • Industrial Hardened Case
  • Direct Outdoor Pole Mountable
  • Extended Temperature  Specifications
  • Ethernet Communications Port
  • Serial RS-232 Communications Port
  • Rs-422 and RS-485 Communications Port
  • 4 Channels of 4/20mA Sensor Input

Modes of Operation

  • Ethernet Bridge Mode
  • Point-to-Point
  • Point-to-Multipoint
  • Repeater Modes

Software Features

  • Pole Mounting.  The 195H supports remote pole mounting to greatly reduce the installation cost and increase wireless performance.
  • Protocol Emulations. 195H has protocol drivers for most major PLC manufacturers. This protocol emulation allows transparent operation of the controllers, but allows the 195H to use any remote location as a repeater.
  • Multiple Repeaters.The 195H supports multiple repeaters in a single network.  Any remote 195M can be used as a repeater
  • Multiple Modes of Operation. The 195H can function as a Master, Remote, Repeater, or Remote/Repeater node for added flexibility.
  • Spectrum Analyzer. The 195H and Software Configuration utility provide a full feature spectrum analyzer for the 450-470 MHz frequency band

195M-M Front

Wireless Ethernet and Serial Ports

The ESTeem Model 195H is the perfect radio solution designed for the rigors of the Industrial, Public Safety, and Federal markets when the VHF band is needed for terrain coverage.  The 195H provides the user Ethernet, Serial RS-232C, RS-422, RS485 and 4 Channel Sensor Interface in a single wireless modem. The Model 195H is a narrowband compliant VHF radio modem opeating in the new 217-220 MHz frequency band.  The 195H can cover distances greater than 10 miles in high noise environments depending on the antenna used.  Wireless networks over large geographical areas can be a reality using the internal Digi-Repeating feature making all remote locations possible repeater sites.

195H Product Sheet Diagram
195H Cabinet Mount
195H Pole Mount Diagram

Supporting Information

Latest 195M Firmware Version

*Current Firmware Release: 201706051427, Release Date: June 21, 2017
*This latest firmware release for the 195 Narrow Band radios increases the Routes and Append tables to 64 entries.  This increase was done provide for larger wireless Ethernet networks.  Updating the firmware will not corrupt the radio’s configuration.  Use of this utility version will not allow reading or saving program files from older firmware versions, until the radio’s firmware is updated.  If you have older firmware installed in radio and need to read or save the configuration, use the Legacy Discovery Suite and Configuration Utility below.
Current Legacy 192 Compatibility Firmware Release: 201605311302, Release Date: November 22, 2016
For instructions on how to update the modem, please contact ESTeem Customer Support at 509-735-9092 or follow the procedure in the User’s Manual.  Both firmware updates are contained in the ESTeem 195 M/H/C Configuration Utility which can be found an the following location.  No additional downloads are required.

Legacy Discovery and Configuration Utility

The following Discovery and Narrow Band Configuration can be used to read and save configuration files in firmware versions older than 201703241206.  This will allow backup of the configuration prior to completing the latest firmware update above.